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How Santex is redefining industry trends to ensure gender balance policies in the workplace

The technology industry remains one of the most complex when it comes to the gender gap. Although every day there are more opportunities and campaigns related to this topic, the reality is that according to UNESCO, only 35% of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students in higher education worldwide are women.

Our purpose at Santex is to improve people’s quality of life through the power that technology offers. This premise is the main driver of each of our decisions related to the creation of gender balance policies with which we seek to build a culture that responds to the real needs of our community.

Santex Policies to prevent gender bias

– Salary gap 0. Same position and same salary for men and women. Reducing the pay gap is a decision we make at Santex to guarantee gender equity.

– Double incentive for hiring women. Our referral program is built on the basis of a gender policy that aims to increase the participation of women in the IT industry through a bonus scheme that privileges the candidates referred for interviews to be women.

With this policy, we have managed to increase the number of women in operations in the last year by more than 10% with the goal of doubling it by 2022.

– Gender parity on the board. Half of the board of directors is made up of women at Santex.

– Initiatives such as “El Nido”, a space in our offices that allows fathers and mothers to be close to their children during the first year.

– Training and Education. Santex Academy is a training and mentoring program focused on promoting positive change through education. With this initiative we seek to increase employability and inclusion of people in the technology industry, especially women. During 2021, the participation of women in Santex Academy was 25% and the goal for this year is to reach 30%.

– Soft Landing for new parents. Extension of paternity leave for our collaborators.

Breaking paradigms is not easy and we know that we still have a long way to go to achieve the goals we want. Inclusion and equity are key values of Santex’s philosophy and our commitment is to continue strengthening our gender balance policy in the work environment.